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Susan Buchanan, MD
for Oak Park 


Vote Buchanan Village Trustee
April 4, 2023

  • Experienced Trustee

  • Climate change leader

  • Progressive values

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I’m running for re-election for village trustee because I am excited to continue to drive the momentum we’ve created in village government towards a just, thriving, net-zero village. I’ve been able to turn my values into action in such areas as sustainability, policing, development, and maintaining a diverse community. I want to keep moving our village forward toward a future where our village is affordable to whomever wants to live here, feels included and receives the services they need from a transparent and accessible municipal government. 

As an occupational and environmental physician, public health researcher, and former family physician, I understand the importance of studying problems in depth while listening to and addressing the needs of my patients and communities I serve. I have provided the same quality of care to our village’s residents. When I’m confronted with a new issue - and there are several on a weekly basis - I dive in to make sure I understand all sides of the issue and I seek out and listen to experts. 

The accomplishments I’m most proud of from my four years on the village board include:

  • I facilitated the ad hoc sustainability group that made recommendations to the village board resulting in energy efficiency grants to low-income residents, rebates for solar panels, and our climate action plan which puts our village on the path to net zero by 2050. 

  • I initiated and supported the assessment of our police department. 

  • I assured that our Housing Center continues to receive funding so it can continue its vital role in keeping our community diverse.

  • I voted to approve transit-oriented development which grows our economic base while promoting energy-efficient housing.

  • I voted to keep our property tax increases to 3% for the past 3 years and 0% this year. 

  • I supported the formation of the Housing Trust Fund which uses fees from developers to fund affordable housing options.

My goal for the next four years is to make sure Oak Park keeps moving forward.


This means:

1) including initiatives in our municipal departments and in our village budget that move us toward our climate action goals,

2) driving action on the recommendations in the Berry Dunn report on policing so that it doesn’t become a report that collects dust on a shelf,

3) continue to use my voice and vote to promote progressive issues. 

Community members supporting Susan Buchanan

Nora Abboreno
Andrea and Pete Alter
Anne and Gene Armstrong
Marcia Ashton
Jim Babcock
Lynn Barrier
Tom Bassett-Dilly
Mona Blaber
Bruce Broerman
Nick Bridge
Andy Buchanan
Brian Buchanan
Mark Burger
Ron Burke
Lucy Byrne
Judy A. Carter, MD

Cathy and Gary Cerniglia
Michelle Chapman-Rienstra
Karen Christopher
Kina Collins
Sarah Corbin
Deborah Cosey Lane
Allison Cowett
Gary Cuneen
Jackie & Paula Czadarski-West
Jerry Delaney
Mary DeGrazia
Laura Derks

Sara Dixon Spivy
Jim Doyle
Jackie Eckholm
Craig Endicott
Chibuike Enyia
Karen Fischer
Jennifer Fritz
Henry Fulkerson
Ana Garcia Doyle
Sara Gloth
Dawn Gonzalez
Carolyn Goldbeck
Paul Goyette
Chelsie HagenSwiecicki
Bob Haisman
Janet Haisman
Rev. C.J. Hawking

Harriet S. Hawkins
Brian and Nichole Hoppe
Brynne Hovde
Julia Huff
David Jacobs
Karen Jackson
Norma and Lewis Jenkins
Lou Anne Johanneson
Dave Kay
Debby Karton
Julia Knier
Jim Kelly
Alyssa Knobel
Deborah Cosey Lane
Megan Lewis

Angie and Gerry Maguire
Greg Marsey
Jennifer Mathis
Kelli Merrick

Barbara Metric
MaryAnne and Janet Meyer-Larson
Beth and Steve Mrkvicka
Sherry Nordstrom
Hannah West and Jim O’Connor

Kelly O’Keefe
Julie O'Shea
Meghan Paulas
Terri Powell
Alison Price
Jennifer Quinlan
Nimmi Ragagopal
Nina Ricci
Dot Lambshead Roche
Meg Ross
Linda Sandman 
Vicki Scaman
Don and Priscilla Sibley
Joan Slanina
Jamie Shamhart
Sara Spivey
Holly Spurlock
Pam Tate
Rhona Taylor
Lois Thiessen Love
Harriet Udelson
Joannie Wei
Christina Welter
Leah Wertheimer
Deborah Wess
Rich Wheelock
Lisa Wilkinson
Michelle and Brad Wolter

I’ve known Susan for over 30 years. She is a logical thinker and always keeps herself abreast of current issues facing our local, state and national governments. I’ve always appreciated the time and energy she puts into the discovery of issues. She truly cares about our community and loves the work of the village board.

Julie O'Shea

Susan is a great neighbor and cares about our community.

Harriet S. Hawkins

Susan is a amazing example of a doctor, mother, wife and trustee.

Jennifer Quinlan

Susan ensured Oak Park has a dedicated affordable housing fund. A critical first step in addressing Oak Park's deepening affordable housing crisis.

Henry Fulkerson

Susan is level headed and practical. She examines all sides of an issue and strives to make the best choice for all of Oak Park. Her education and professional background adds to her qualifications.

Cathy Cerniglia

I’ve known Susan for over 30 years. She is a logical thinker and always keeps herself abreast of current issues facing our local, state and national governments. I’ve always appreciated the time and energy she puts into the discovery of issues. She truly cares about our community and loves the work of the village board.

Julie O'Shea

Susan is a pragmatic leader who listens intently and makes decisions based on research and mulitple viewpoints.

Sarah Corbin

Susan truly cares about this community and always works to find ways to make the community better!

Briane Hoppe

Dr. Susan Buchanan has brought a thoughtful, inclusive, collaborative approach to building a more environmentally sustainable, more diverse, and more just Oak Park. She leads with discernment and with the interest of residents in mind. I appreciate her forward-thinking vision for a resilient, net-zero Village -- a responsible, necessary focus in light of the challenges increasingly posed by our climate crisis. I am proud to have had Dr. Susan Buchanan representing me and my family as a Trustee on our Village Board. She's the kind of leader we need, and I endorse her re-election without hesitation.

Ana Garcia Doyle, Environmental Leader and 20-year Oak Park Resident

Susan brings a scientific rigor to her analyses of public policy issues. She has committed her career to the wellbeing of communities and their citizens- as an occupational and environmental health physician she brings a wealth of relevant knowledge to keep our community healthy, safe, and thriving.

Sara Dixon Spivy

I appreciate Susan's commitment to public health and the comprehensive climate plan.

Meghan Paulas

Susan has a strong and passionate voice for increasing the focus on sustainability.

Jim Kelly

Susan is a tireless advocate for the citizens of Oak Park.

Brian Buchanan

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